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So you'd like to join The Petersham Curling Club

PCC offers various types of memberships. In order to join, you will need to complete a Membership Application.

Full Member $420 per year
Full Members are able to curl in any and all leagues they want. They are encouraged to participate in all club sponsored events, on either side of the glass.
Full Member - Second $375 per year
Under this catagory, you have all the same benefits as a Full Members. Second members are the spouse or partner of a Full Member and resides at the same address.
Student Curler $200 per year
A student discount on Full Membership. You have all the same benefits as a Full Member, but at nearly half the cost. This is only available to students under 22 years of age and proof of enrollment must be included with your application.
New/ First Year Curler $275
If you've never stepped into the hacks, this is the membership for you. It comes with all of the benefits of a Full Member but to encourage you get get onto the ice, we offer this first time discount. After January 8, 2016, membership cost is pro-rated.
Junior Curler $100 per year
A membership for any curler ages 12-20.
Little Rocks. $50 per year
A membership any curler ages 7-11.
Ice Chip $35 per year
A membership for any curler ages 4-6.
Social Member $50 per year
Non Curling Membership. Not eligible to play in any leagues, may curl in any paid event, based upon availabile space.
Propriatary Certificate $100
In your second year of membership, all Full Members must purchase a Certificate. This entitles you to vote at the Annual Meeting.

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